The Team

In late 2017, several experienced Aerospace Engineering students from the TU Delft conceived the idea of a personal flight vehicle designed and constructed by students at the TU Delft. Having previously worked together in the TU Delft team that won the “overall best” prize in the SpaceX Hyperloop competition, they quickly expanded their team to include over 30 students from 11 countries. By combining their experience and skills they aim to make personal flight a reality and win the Boeing GoFly challenge.


The managers are responsible for keeping a top-level view of team progress, maintaining fluid communication between all team members, and responding to problems quickly and effectively.

Victor is an Aerospace Engineering Master’s student with a fascination for the propulsion of aircraft. His engineering experience ranges from something as subtle as electric satellite propulsion during his internship at OHB to as radical as Silverwing’s flying motorcycle.

Victor Sonneveld
Technical Manager

James is an Aerospace Engineering graduate who previously worked on control and software in the Delft Hyperloop team. James has taken the role of Team Manager overseeing the project while gaining a great experience while working with a vast number of team members to create a high-tech product.

James Murdza
Team Manager

Partnerships & PR

This Department is crucial for the smooth external and internal functioning of the Dreamteam. The tasks and responsibilities include the acquisition of sponsors, finance, legal, business development, and PR. This department is the bridge between Silverwing's workshop, and the outside world.

Ruben is an ambitious Aerospace Engineering student with a fascination for the aviation industry, and he genuinely believes that personal flight is the future. This is exactly why he is diving deep into the aviation industry, and many other industries, looking for partners for Silverwing to collaborate with.

Ruben Forkink

Chief Partnerships & Business Development

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Christopher is an intuitive Aerospace Engineering student working towards a Master’s in Control and Simulation. Before joining Silverwing, Christopher spent a year at Forze Hydrogen Racing Team Delft, offering him great experience to work as a financial officer on a personal flying device.

Chris Groen
Financial Officer

Integrating innovations within society is something that has always caught Barbara’s eye. This is why, as a management of technology student, Barbara joined Silverwing to work on the business-related aspects of Silverwing, as she believes that sustainable methods of transportation are the key to a promising future.  

Barbara Schneider

Bernd graduated in Applied Physics with a passion for high-tech entrepreneurship. He’s inspired by the complex physics and dreams of the potential that personal aircrafts could bring to the world. He is currently occupied with envisioning how Silverwing could be brought into the world through business development.

Bernd Rietberg
Business Development

Jorrit has always had a passion for cars, but once he spotted Silverwing, he became intrigued with how Silverwing could affect mobility. Jorrit is an essential addition to the team due to his legal background and his entrepreneurial interest, since one of the GoFly competition requirements includes becoming a company.

Jorrit van Berkom
Legal Officer

Aerodynamics & Propulsion

For a personal flying device to be feasible, propulsion and aerodynamics are at the forefront of the design. This department ensures that the drag and noise of the vehicle are limited, while the in-flight performance is maximized.

Quint is an Aerospace Engineering graduate with experience in creating test setups for magnetic suspension in the Delft Hyperloop team. Following his success at Delft Hyperloop, compounded by his dedication to sustainability, he decided to take on a new challenge and work on Silverwing’s aerodynamics and propulsion.

Quint Houwink

Chief Aerodynamics and Propulsion

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Akash has a healthy obsession with aviation which resulted in him studying Aerospace Engineering, and running a blog about the world of Aerospace. With an eye for opportunity, Akash joined Silverwing in the aerodynamics department, where he works on increasing the vehicles efficiency and reducing the vehicles noise emissions.

Akash Pandey
Aerodynamics Engineer

As an enthusiastic and determined Aerospace Engineering student, Daan has the energy to keep on track with his study, help tutor younger students, and work on Silverwing simultaneously. At Silverwing, he is hard at work modelling the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle.

Daan van Aken
Aerodynamics Engineer

Power Systems

Sufficient power is required for a vehicle to successfully take-off, cruise, and then safely land. Therefore, this department is vital for the efficient generation and management of power, and it is all done through renewable energy sources!

Olivier is an Aerospace Engineering student who previously gained hands-on experience by designing and building the battery packs in Delft Hyperloop. He joined team Silverwing in the GoFly competition because it brings together engineering and design to the extent of creating a product that he believes will transform the world of transportation.

Olivier Witteman

Chief Electrical Power Systems

   Meet the rest of the Electrical Power Systems team    

As an Applied Physics student, Nayan has an interest in batteries, so it is a hobby of his to take on battery-related projects. The most current project that he has found to satisfy his interest is Silverwing, which focuses on building a battery pack that will supply enough energy for him to fly himself, so that he no longer has to bike!

Nayan Jainandunsing
Power Systems Engineer

Tom is an Aerospace Master’s student with an affinity for building. Whether it flies or not, Tom can build it. Combined with his passion for flying, Tom joined Silverwing to work on the powertrain of the design, and to ensure that the vehicle is as sustainable and efficient as possible.

Tom Suys
Power Systems Engineer

With a passion and curiosity for start-ups, Smit ended up joining Silverwing to work towards a more sustainable Earth. This passion and curiosity, combined with his Master’s in Electrical Power Engineering, lets Smit play a crucial role in the design of the vehicles electrical subsystem.

Smit Shukla
Power Systems Engineer

Brontë is a second year computer science and engineering student from Canada. With this multidisciplinary background and love for personal flight, Brontë has conducted and published research on propeller-powered hoverboards, making her an invaluable addition to Silverwing.

Brontë Kolar
Power Systems Engineer

Control Systems

In order to make this vehicle truly personal, the control department is doing everything it can to make it easy and safe to use. Apart of creating and implementing software to control the S1, this department is also working towards the complete automation of it's uses.

Ralph is an Aerospace Engineering student specializing in control and simulation. He has previous experience from his internship at Rolls-Royce  and on aerodynamics design with the Human Power Team . He’s excited to be participating in the GoFly challenge to be part of the future of aviation.

Ralph Krook

Chief Flight Control Systems

   Meet the rest of the Control Systems team    

Jurjen is an Aerospace Engineering Master’s student with the objective to further improve his practical engineering skills. Control of a flying vehicle is crucial, which requires sophisticated sensors that Jurjen is enthusiastically working on in order to provide us with safe and reliable aircraft.  

Jurjen Kroese
Flight Control Systems Engineer

Flight has always mesmerized Frederik, but he understood that in order to fly, you have to understand the physics behind it. Therefore, as an Applied Physics student, Frederik has joined Silverwing’s control systems department to make his dream a reality.

Frederik Hogenbosch
Flight Control Systems Engineer

Oxana is an Electrical Engineering Master’s student whose passion for electronics led to her joining Delft Hyperloop, where she worked hard with her team on a Hyperloop prototype. With a taste for innovative products, Oxana decided to work on the control systems of Silverwing

Oxana Oosterlee
Flight Control Systems Engineer

Teresa understands that safety is Silverwing’s main priority, which is exactly why she joined the control department to work on the stability and controllability of the device. Along with her Master’s in Embedded Systems, this is her moment to apply everything she has learnt in an innovative and dynamic environment.

Teresa Blanco
Flight Control Systems Engineer

With a background in Aerospace Engineering, Art joined Silverwing to help develop a complete and reliable control system for Silverwing. In fact, his passion for software and programme development led him to leave his aerospace path behind, and start a Pre-masters in Computer Science.

Art van Liere
Flight Control Systems Engineer

As an Embedded Systems Master’s student, Sury gets absorbed by programming, 3D printing, and tinkering with electronics. Therefore, he took on the challenge to join Silverwing, where he works on making the device autonomous and manoeuvrable.

Suryansh Sharma
Flight Control Systems Engineer

As a second year Aerospace Engineering student, Kaizad fuels his study-induced nights with his favorite food, hamburgers. However to stay fit, he makes sure to stay active by running! However his intrepid spirit has led him to become an active member and integral part of Silverwing Aeronautics.

Kaizad Wadia
Flight Control Systems Engineer

Flight Testing

For testing the vehicle and preparing for its Fly-Off, it is important to devise safe testing strategies and conduct them step-by-step in order to expand the flight envelope of the vehicle. At the same time, it needs to be demonstrated that the vehicle is qualified to fly in a given region. These are the main two aspects this department focuses on, while the rest of team is also involved during flight testing.

Erik is an Aerospace Engineering MSc student with an eye for detail and a passion for flight. He is driven to complete every task handed to him with perfection, which is a great attribute to apply in Silverwing.

Erik Dedding

Chief Flight Test Engineer

   Meet the rest of the Flight Testing team    

As a second year Aerospace Engineering student, Eric is a highly motivated member of the team who is eager to take on new challenges. Given his previous experience with drones and robotics, he has been a valuable addition to the team in multiple aspects.

Eric Tüschenbönner
Flight Test Engineer


Given the unique and innovative nature of the vehicle, the vehicle has to be incredibly lightweight, but also durable. This is exactly what the structures department of Silverwing focuses on. This department aims to minimize the mass of the vehicle, while at the same time ensuring it is structurally safe.

Thom is a Mechanical Engineering student who has worked on numerous projects due to his passion for creating and building. The GoFly competition is the biggest project and challenge he has faced so far, but he is committed to overcome this challenge as he wishes everyone to be able to experience the feeling of personal flight.

Thom van den Homberg

Chief Structural Engineer

   Meet the rest of the Structures team    

Nisarg is an Aerospace Master’s student with a focus on structures and materials. Previously, he was the project manager for a formula student team in Australia, successfully competing to design a high performing race car for multiple years. Currently Nisarg decided to take on another structures and materials challenge by working with Silverwing.

Nisarg Thakrar
Structural Engineer

Ivan is student who loves putting his Mechanical Engineering knowledge into practice with high-tech projects. The GoFly challenge has given him the opportunity to work on a project that will not only transform his theoretical knowledge into practice, but also create a working aircraft.

Ivan Kalkman
Structural Engineer

Hessel is a Mechanical Engineering student, with a focus on high-tech engineering. He is in charge of Silverwing’s hands-on work by crafting the most important and complex parts of our electric aircraft.

Hessel Tijseling
Structural Engineer

Victor Poorte is an Aerospace Structures Master’s student that actively works on aerospace projects . Nevertheless, he searched for a more ground-breaking project in which he could be part of building an innovative aircraft. The structure of an aircraft has to be able to withstand high loads and Victor has taken the challenge.

Victor Kees Poorte
Structural Engineer

Rutger is an Industrial Design Master’s student who worked on the design for Delft Hyperloop. In fact, he dreams of building vehicles that can transport people from A to B in innovative new ways that challenge the current norm. He is excited to work together with the other team members of Silverwing to create a great new travelling experience.

Rutger van Brouwershaven
Structural Engineer

As someone pursuing a Master’s in High Tech Engineering, Marten Wijnja is a perfect fit in the structures department of Silverwing. With a great work ethic, he balances Silverwing with a side job as a car mechanic and being in the Dutch army reserves.

Marten Wijnja
Structural Engineer

Alex loves to take on new projects alongside his Mechanical Engineering study to further challenge and develop himself. This passion for self-improvement led him to join Silverwing, where he works on improving the structural integrity of the device, and thinking of innovative ways to avoid a snowball effect in the design.

Alex de Bont
Structural Engineer

Portrait photos by Ehsan Sadegh

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