In late 2017, several experienced Aerospace Engineering students from TU Delft concieved the idea of a personal flight vehicle designed and constructed by students at the TU Delft. Although young, these students have had experiences already such as winning the'overall best' prize with the in the SpaceX Hyperloop competition, topping even universities like MIT! By combining their experience and skills they aim to make personal flight a reality by winning the Boeing GoFly challenge.

Rutger van Brouwershaven
Vehicle Design

Luuk van der Linde

Olivier Witteman
Power Systems

Victor Sonneveld
Flight Performance

Quint Houwink
Control / Stability

Ralph Krook
Flight Operations

James Murdza
Software / Simulation

Thom van den Homberg

Bernd Rietberg
Business Development

JOIN Silverwing

Dreaming of flying? An engineering passion? Want to be part of the future? We are looking for new full- and part-team members in Delft. We have positions in:

control systems
embedded software

flight performance

PR and partnership
business development

To apply for a position on our team, send your CV and motivation
contact@flysilverwing.com before July 5.