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First Outdoor Flight

January 21, 2020

After extensive indoor testing for the past couple of months, our team decided to take the S1 for outdoor flight testing. The aircraft was tested at an industrial facility in Moerdijk, to see how it reacts to wind gusts and other unpredictable weather conditions. Braving the Dutch winter, our team set up an outdoor test facility whilst ensuring maximum safety for our crew and the aircraft. This resulted in an extremely successful test campaign and now gives us the confidence to carry out the final phase of testing in the United States.

Shipping to the United States

January 27, 2020

What does it take to put an aircraft in an aircraft and fly it halfway around the world? A team of dedicated engineers and some great packing skills. To meet the tight deadlines of the Fly Off and carry out flight tests in the United States, our team decided to transport the S1 by air. With some help from our partners, the team designed and built a flight case, as well as planned the entire operations, in under two weeks. Our aircraft and all the support equipment is currently airborne set to arrive in San Francisco today.

First Flight Tests in California

Feb 15, 2020

We’re now one week in for testing and we’ve already hit a few major milestones. Thefirst few days in The Golden State were spent assembling the S1 vehicle and groundstation. After validating that everything is working normally and consistently we arecontinuing to push the limits of what the S1 is capable of.



Akash Pandey

Optimizing aerodynamic efficiency of the S1 by purposefully designing and testing aerodynamic surfaces for low-noise and efficient flight.


Brontë Kolar

How the internal hardware components were developed, building the core of the S1 and enabling reliable operation.

Structural Design

Nisarg Thakrar

The unique underlying structure that has made this compact VTOL aircraft possible and integrates all other subsystems seamlessly.

Silverwing rocks!

Bart Tromp

Silverwing rocks!

Bart Tromp

Silverwing rocks!

Bart Tromp

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Having come so far in the development of a personal flying vehicle and competing in the Boeing GoFly competition, Silverwing has been featured in multiple news outlets accross the globe.

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