Introducing S1

On April 30, 2019 Silverwing will unveil their award winning design for an electric flying motorcycle. It can take off vertically carrying a person, fly for 30 minutes, and land in an area the size of a parking space. This design won Phase I and II of the GoFly competition, making it one of the five best designs worldwide. At this unveiling, the design specifications of the S1 will be unveiled to the general public.

RSVP to the unveiling of the world's most innovative aircraft.


The S1 is small enough to fit in a parking space and provides an exciting, yet the familiar riding experience of a motorcycle.


The S1 is fully electric. That makes it not just friendly on the environment, but also your ears.


The S1 has autonomy in its blood. Hundreds of test flights have proven the reliability and stability of our software. Redundancy is taken into account in every aspect of the design, and in case of power loss the aircraft enters a controlled glide.