The most extreme thing you'll ever ride

Silverwing envisions a future where personal mobility is unlimited in three dimensions. To do this, we plan to build a machine that takes currently available technology and pushes it beyond its limits. We want to build a machine that takes it to the extreme, and by doing so inspires inventors and creators.

Two large, ducted propellers provide safety and minimize sound while giving enough thrust for a controlled vertical take-off and landing. The large wing provides effective lift during horizontal flight with speeds exceeding 100 km/h, while the smaller front wing provides control and stability.

Mean and green

In line with Silverwing's forward-thinking philosophy, our design is fully electric and capable of autonomous flight. The aircraft will be powered by high energy density batteries and requires zero pilot input to complete a flight. Above all, safety is priority number one. The design has a low-power backup system and is capable of belly landing in case of emergency.